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JATTI STYLE was launched in 2016 as a blog geared towards North American Punjabi women who needed some ethnic inspiration when out shopping for weddings, events, etc.  Our blog consisted of latest trends, weddings, teen trends, and much more.  Since then we’ve had numerous requests from clients who wanted us to just shop for them, these clients ranged from working women on the go to overly tired mommas who were too busy with mom life.  This was our ah-ha moment.  Our blog has dwarfed into an ONLINE PERSONAL SHOPPING  experience for the North American SOUTH ASIAN community.

OUR GOAL is to send our clients some amazing quality pieces according to their style, budget and lifestyle.  We are partnered with various designers, both locally & internationally, allowing individuality and creativity in all our selected pieces.  Our package will include everything our client needs for her event, even some makeup.  No more flying overseas.  No bargaining.  No shop hopping.

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